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We want to surpass the needs and expectations of all our customers by providing reliable services with rapidly available technical support. This also means that we want to provide complete, high-quality internet solutions to all our customers by incorporating sensible and cost-efficient technologies.

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Air Link Control app is included in all residential plans and pricing.
Air Link Control Plus Suites features ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ at no additional cost!

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Right of Way FAQ

The “right of way” is the land on which a public road is built. This type of easement is reserved for transportation purposes as well as granting a utility the right to use, access, or transit a piece of property. This could benefit another person or parcel of land you do not own. The right of way is the right for anyone to pass through a portion of your land that may be considered public.

Right of way boundaries vary widely by road. This could be 30 feet wide or potentially over 100 feet in some cases.

Electricity, telephone, water, gas, petroleum products, sewer, drainage, fiber optic, & more. These may be located above or below ground.

A fiber optic network is like an interconnected spiderweb that must pass through certain areas to get to homes that do want service. Fiber is considered a utility. Like a power company, you don’t have to utilize their services, but there will still be power lines in the right of way in front of your home to reach others who do.

Construction is messy work. We have a crew that will come through post-project & reseed grass, lay straw, and resolve any other issues that have transpired during the construction process. Feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns.

Fiber is an incredible opportunity for economic growth in your community! A fiber connection goes so much further than simply allowing homes to stream & game at high speed for low costs. According to BroadbandNow, only around 17% of Howard County residents have access to internet speeds above 25mbps. Air Link is excited to offer speeds up to 1 Gig! - Residents now have more job opportunities in remote work offering “big city pay” with the benefit of small town cost of living. Housing is more appealing to homebuyers this way as well as on average increasing home values by up to 3%. - College students have the option of online classes while elementary & high school students can learn online in the midst of COVID restrictions. - Rural healthcare providers can easily access hospital records, consult with specialists, speak with remote patients, & enhance their ability to treat & diagnose patients. - Homes with poor cell signal can use a fiber connection to enable wifi calling or VoIP home phone services which could be life saving in an emergency situation.