Small Business.
Big Possibilities

Start realizing the big potential of a fully-managed network that is safe, secure and scalable.

Reduce the Dilemmas of Your Small Business.

As a business owner, freedom is as valuable as growth. The investment you make in customer satisfaction goes straight to your bottom line. Which is why you deserve a managed network service that frees you to focus on business instead of IT. With SmartBiz™, you can hit the easy button, enabling your business and customer to come first.

The Small Business Owner's Dilemma



Online presence

Wi-Fi networks

No IT staff

No free time

Need help

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Every Type of Small Business Transformation For Any Type of Industry

Our solutions are created with local customers in mind. We put you in control of your business, modernizing any network to save time and money and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

An All-In-One Managed Wi-Fi Solution Built For Small Business. Smart.

Every feature of the SmartBiz™ service can be controlled through the AirLink Control App. Monitor and Manage staff, devices, networks, content. It's time to access everything with ease.


Flexible network Inside and out.

Our integrated solution makes connecting both wired and wireless systems seamless - giving you comfort that all your business and patron devices are connected.

Always on with Backup

SmartBiz™ has options for cellular backup that gives you added connectivity and uptime, keeping your business running and your customers happy.

Business Grade Cyber Security

From POS to staff and customer guest networks, built-in firewalls and proactive network security traffic monitoring protect you from cyber threats.

Engage Your Customers

Guest Wi-Fi delivers valuable insights so you can promote your business through a beautiful, branded and seamless interface.

Wi-Fi Serves As A Marketing Opportunity, Delivering the Most Unique Experience.

Customer Wi-Fi Access Portal

  • Collect names and email addresses
  • Customize a branded welcome screen
  • Set customer terms and service
  • Set hours of operation
  • Set session limits
  • Review usage reporting
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Scalable Guest Wi-Fi Delivers the Ultimate Visitor Experience.

Give your customers even more reason to visit, stay longer and be more engaged, loyal, and satisfied.

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SmartBiz™ Available Exclusively Through Our AirLink Worx App

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