Air Link Rural Broadband Residential Fiber Plans

If you’re ready to enhance your internet experience, we have GREAT news for you!

We may provide fiber internet in your area. At Air Link Rural Broadband, we have something for everyone, whether you’re a gamer, you work from home, or you need the basics, we're the right size fit for your technology needs.

Air Link Rural Broadband Offers the Following Fiber Plans.

The speed you love, at a cost your wallet will appreciate.

Game On

Extreme Wi-Fi plan for all that you need.


Savvy Streamer

Lag-free streaming for the whole family.


Average Joe

Internet you need for the price you can afford.


VoIP Phone

Stay connected when it matters most.


Get The Wi-Fi Coverage You Deserve.

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The Other Guys' Coverage

Heat map of Air Link's coverage in your home

Air Link Rural Broadband Coverage

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Stress Free – Reliable Internet

Designed for you

Get the assistance you’re looking for with an in-app dashboard that’s designed to help you. You can now easily identify and communicate service issues and get the immediate assistance you need.

Need help now?  Give us a call for 24/7 support.


Peace of mind in one click

With the AirLink Control App, you are in control. You can now manage your entire network right from the click of an app. No matter where you are, regardless of who’s online or what device they’re using, you’re in control. Need to prioritize your work over the Xbox? AirLink Control App has your back.

Controlled by you

Easily manage everything including content controls, bandwidth performance, and Wi-Fi name and password – all within a couple clicks, all in one convenient space. Have peace of mind by having total visibility and be in charge of your entire network. Stay in control of your home's internet by getting real-time alerts when a new device connects online and when time limits are reached.

Let the AirLink Control App work for you

Check usage in real time and review web, app, and online usage by profile for an overview of where your child is spending time. Is your youngster spending too much time on their favorite new app? You can now limit usage! Create balance of screen time by turning off or pausing Wi-Fi, creating bedtime schedules, and manage screen time.

Create Profiles and prioritize bandwidth

AirLink Control App allows you to assign devices to each person in your home for a customized internet experience for every user. Prioritize the devices and profiles that matter most in your home so you never have to experience the lag. Need help monitoring what is being viewed during screen time? Have little ones, teens, or want to monitor screen time? With the AirLink Control App you can restrict or allow entire categories of the internet, including specific apps or individual websites.

New Construction Fiber Process


Learn More about our

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AirLink Control App

The Sky is the Limit with the AirLink Control App

Give your home an upgrade with a strong connection in every room.

AirLink Control App

Parental Control (basic)

Guest Network

Device List

Device Details

Network Usage

Network Map

Speed Test

Enable/Disable Apps

Features For All Your Needs

Custom Settings by Family Members

Screen Time Limits

Usage & History

Safe Search

Preset Off Times



Device & Activity Priorities

AirLink Control app is included in all residential plans and pricing.

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*All plan pricing includes our service & maintenance plan. This warranties any Air Link Rural Broadband equipment that needs replacing, service calls to your home, as well as allowing us to remotely manage the equipment in the event you have any issues. This service plan includes our router management app with features such as user/device priority settings, live stats of your bandwidth, bedtime blocker, homework mode, and more.

Includes: Whole home evaluation, Wi-Fi capable router, up to 100ft of Cat5 ethernet cable, LAN or PC configuration.

A router included in installation

If a secondary mesh router is needed, an additional $5/month applies.

No contract to sign!
No phone line needed!
No data caps!