Phone Service

VoIP Phone system

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in Plain Jane terms, having your phone service over the internet. VoIP is a superb phone system. Making calls through the internet is less expensive and offers enterprise-level features. VoIP analog lines are being replaced by hosted solutions across many residential and business settings.

VoIP has been steadily replacing traditional communications since 2004.

Landlines have higher setup and maintenance fees.

VoIP systems average 60% savings over landlines.

Quick Phone Codes

For residential VoIP phone features.

Our VoIP Features

Over 70 features are included...

Auto Attendant

  • Press 1 for…
  • The digital receptionist that allows you to direct calls automatically

Call Reporting

  • Filter by number, the direction of call, and disposition

Call Parking

  • Places calls on hold and picks them up from any device

Web Portal

  • Manage users and call routing from anywhere

Call Recording

  • Set call recording by default or on demand

Hunt Groups

  • Set calls to ring several people, any way you want

Attendant Console

  • Route calls and check user availability anywhere

Voicemail To Email

  • Receive VM attachments automatically to your email